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This is a company where you should read the message below, before deciding to do with them business, they will let you work for them and then they will come up with one story after the other story , please refrain from doing business with Clayton OOsthuizen,  Dewald Mare, Rika Mare , Clayton Ooosthuizen the mail crook and another person called Kobus who later called himself South End Docking systems , Dewald Mare is in fuel pums or related industries his wife made also promises to pay and  then refused , failed or neglect to pay me


Re: Dewald Mare, Rika Mare and SDSAFRICA


To start from the beginning they are not deniers they both are bull shittters, if a man’s word is not good no piece of paper will be good.


He told me that Dewald will pay, so it is now from Kobus to Clayton to Dewald


I have shown you the 19 adverts that I have asked him R3000 for, normal price should be R5700


All these adverts show on page 1 of Google that was the deal, i then told you that I will help you and try to recover the old website, by not having your own website you are -20% at Google meaning that my adverts will also battle to reach the top of page 1, I have used 1653 Key phrases and words to best describe your business, Google will charge you a daily rate of R11567.00 if you get only 1 hit per word, read what i say not a sale but 1 hit people clicked on the advert and that does not mean a sale


Not before I get my R3000 I will talk with anyone of you I have evidence I have evidence that my adverts works, Kobus , Clayton  and you know it I have shown it to you


I reserve my rights to unpunblish the words on the all the adverts and add these explanation so that people can see with what and who they deal, unfortunately I have to use your current companies name in this as well I have an obligation to warn the public against people like you


I will write a very bad report on where I will give you bad publicity worldwide, my social media platforms are seen by on average of 6 million people par day


Lastly I am busy as we speak to list you on ITC as bad payers, this will screw up all future financial opportunities


Although you are a third party you gave me an undertaking that you will pay the R3000 you failed refused and neglected to do that


From: Rika Maré []
Sent: Tuesday, 22 November 2016 11:05 AM
To: 'Info'


With all due respect. I am an Administrative Manager that are just following instructions and please bear with me and Dewald. We are no IT fundi’s and seems to be misled by Clayton in regards to the name change and what will be placed on the website. We were totally mislead and even when I indicated to him, that you mentioned you spoke to him, he denied this and said you only dealt with Kobus.


I had a discussion with Dewald in regards to this matter and he therefore indicated no use to pay for adverts and a website that cannot be converted to our business name. Therefore his appointment with you to work out a way for our own website with no connotation to SDS, but with similar information. We still want to use your adverts, but as mentioned above – Dewald needs to know what he is getting for the R3000-00 and he would like to get this information face to face to have a better understanding.


I hope you do understand that this is not our intention to waste your time, but please understand that Dewald is a bit sceptical as Clayton did try to mislead us with the current person that has done their SDS website and we paid him money although Clayton indicated he did a name change only to find out that was not the case. We therefore paid for a SDS website, where SDS is busy liquidating.


 Once again, I do apologize for the inconvenience in this matter.


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